It's not all "woo woo"

Navigate Your Outer World Through Your Inner World

Decode what your body is telling you with the mind/body connection!

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Do you find yourself wondering, "Why does life happen to me?"

Why does everything get in my way and slow me down?

The chakra system is like a roadmap to your soul.

If you're feeling burnt out, exhausted, wondering what the MEANING in your life is, Chakra Chicks is for you.

As women, we have been conditioned to seek answers externally, put ourselves last and keep going and going and going.

We may have the house, the kids, the partner, the job. We did "all the things" we were supposed to do and we're still unfulfilled and wonder WHY we're not HAPPY.

We were sold a false bill of goods.

What's happening is that we're not taking the time to nurture ourselves and learn who we really are.

Many women lost their spiritual connection, following dogma, and not really understanding our SOULS and our PURPOSE.

You want to:

  • find your soul’s purpose

  • learn and heal in a safe space

  • embark on a personal growth journey

  • achieve a spiritual transformation

  • break chronic, unhealthy patterns

  • create an authentic, empowering, soul-filled life

  • learn how to overcome negative self-talk and limiting beliefs

  • learn how to shed societal beliefs and conditioning

  • release what’s holding you back, blocking you from growth

  • learn in a safe, supportive, fun, and intimate community with women just like you

  • share your learnings in hopes of inspiring others to pursue growth, create change

  • stop going at it alone, you need support, accountability, a community

  • learn self-care, start giving what’s best of you not what’s left of you

  • learn to trust and listen to your intuition as it is always guiding you

  • embrace the Divine (it’s in all of us!)
  • Root Chakra: Family of origin issues that need to be healed? Check.

  • Sacral Chakra: Relationship challenges and fears? On it.

  • Solar Plexus : Struggling with self-worth and feeling disempowered? Got you covered.

  • Heart Chakra: Have difficulty receiving love yet a pro at giving love and feeling depleted? Check

  • Throat Chakra: Having trouble setting boundaries, communicating, and expressing yourself? You know it.

  • Third Eye Chakra: Intuition – what is it? Do I have it? Can I trust it? Struggle with making decisions? You bet.

  • Crown Chakra: Feeling unfulfilled? Longing for something more? Check and check.

The fact is.. Life is a jouney..

Everyday can be FULL of pain and suffering, but you have a choice!

My story is to help others know, that NO Matter what life throws your way, you DO have a choice!

I am on a mission to help others get up off the floor and choose to live and heal, which isn't easy, but you always have to option to choose your direction!

Meet your guide:

Hey! I'm Nadia Ahrens, both a therapist and a coach, but I am unlike any other in those roles.

I've been a psychotherapist for 20 years, I've expanded my practice to a more profound focus on the spiritual while still emphasizing the cognitive aspects of wellbeing.

As a soul coach and spiritual mentor, I apply alternative as well as traditional therapies combined with the power of hypnotherapy to help women heal.

A strong focus on the Chakra System allows an individual to heal specific challenges using a b heal body/mind/spirit approach.

Client Success


I’ve been on a journey for some time trying to figure out what was keeping me from being truly happy in Seattle. After meeting with Nadia (just once), I learned that after all of these years I hadn't fully embraced Seattle. It appears I was comparing Seattle to LA where I had lived previously and built a big, beautiful, abundant life… not abundant in money but in people. In LA, I was surrounded by close family, many deep friendships and a huge family of co-workers. Through Nadia, I learned that I needed to put LA behind me (but cherish the memories), take charge and create that same abundant life in Seattle… and finally "let Seattle Heidi shine.” I began embracing Seattle, the wonderful people already around me, and my happiness is starting to grow in this beautiful city.

Thank you Nadia! HB

Self-love is the key to your mental, spiritual & emotional health


Chakra Masterclass (VALUE $300)

Detailed Chakra PDF (VALUE $27)

Guided Healing Light Meditation (VALUE Priceless)

Total Value = $327



The Chakra Bundle

In this one hour masterclass we are going to learn what the chakras are & where they are located in your body.

The science behind the chakras and the mind/body connection to decoding your body signals!


Taking the FIRST step to healing your own journey!



Chakra 101

What in the world is a chakra? You're about to find out in the one hour masterclass which gives you a HIGH level overview of the chakra system. Giving you the spiritual, emotional, physical & phychological aspects of each one!

Walk Away With

  • A breakdown of what the chakras are

  • Where they are located in the body

  • The science behind the chakras

  • Mind/Body connection & how to decode what your body is telling you. some stuff


Tell Me MORE Chakra PDF

This is the best reference that can help you go back and reference EVERYTHING that we went over in the masterclass!

Walk Away With

  • A PDF file for you to reference back to after you've watched the class

  • Know what colors are combined with each Chakra

  • Details of what is aligned with each chakra

  • The science of which organs are aligned


Get Deeper Meditation

When you start to learn and open the door to the spiritual learning area. Meditations can help you get to a whole new level of understanding!

Walk Away With

  • A meditation that you can refer back to anytime you need to

I have been working with Nadia for a little over a year. She has an unspoken professional demeanor held within a casual atmosphere. I feel incredibly heard and seen in her presence and have never felt judged, analyzed or picked apart. Nadia is THE person to go to with your most sensitive areas, anything you would feel uncomfortable revealing because she holds the space to safely explore it for yourself, with guidance, to end in resolution and peace. She guides the way for you to do the work within yourself, and where appropriate offers suggestions if you feel stuck.

I had a traumatic birth experience and painful childhood memories that were weighing on me even as a healthy, well-educated, successful adult. I reached a point where I knew I needed peace and I knew I needed assistance to find my way through my “stuff” to find it. It is a journey, but with Nadia it’s in your own time, in your comfort level, as you are ready.

It has been a joy and a pleasure working with Nadia. I never knew therapy could be so much fun! I can see the progress in my life every time I walk in the door to her office and reflect on where I was, and how I felt in my skin the first time I came through. If you are ready to thrive in your life don’t be afraid of your dark corners, be glad there’s people like Nadia to share presence with while you call out the monsters under the bed, or the tensions in your home, or your problems with your family and kids, or anger at God. Whatever it may be, we all got and don’t need it! Do yourself this favor, you will be glad you did.


Why is it important?

When you understand the Chakra system it helps to deepen your connection with who you are by navigating your outer world through your inner world!

Have a healthy understanding that Chakras are NOT all "woo woo" there is actual science behind each one of them and how they are connected to your physical body & nervouse system.

Knowing this information will help you create healthier relationships with yourself & others while aligning with healthy boundaries.


Start living a more balanced & healthy lifestyle by not getting stuck in the "woo woo" isn't for me!

When we start to work internally with our Soul Care. We will start having a better relationship with our self to start giving the BEST of ourselves instead of what's LEFT of you.

Self-love is the key to your mental, spiritual & emotional health


Chakra Masterclass (VALUE $300)

Detailed Chakra PDF (VALUE $27)

Guided Healing Light Meditation (VALUE Priceless)

Total Value = $327